TCAD solutions for increasing dimensionality in solid-state device and process simulations Print


Project description

Technology scaling increasingly emphasizes complexity and non-ideality of the electrical behavior of semiconductor devices and boosts interest on alternatives to the conventional planar MOSFET architecture.

TCAD tools for the simulation of advanced electronic devices are fundamental to the analysis and development of new technology generations. However, complexity of the structure and behavior of such devices progressively increases the dimensionality of the analyzed problem. The trade-off between accuracy and computational cost of the simulation is especially influenced by domain discretization.

Our research activity has been concerning mesh generation. This topic has been tackled by developing a Wavelet-based Adaptive Method (WAM) for the automatic refinement of 2D and 3D domain discretizations. The implemented software exploits multiresolution techniques and efficient signal processing algorithms to increase grid resolution in the domain regions where relevant physical phenomena take place. Moreover, the grid is dynamically adapted to follow solution changes produced by bias variations and quality criteria are imposed on the produced meshes.

Extensive tests performed on 2D and 3D diodes, MOSFET drivers and FinFETs demonstrate the effectiveness of our approach in terms of both solution accuracy and computational efficiency when compared to results produced by fixed meshes of much larger size. The user is therefore relieved from the budensome task of manually defining domain discretization even for complex 3D TCAD applications.

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